Force zigbee connectivity

Does anybody know if it is possible to force a connection between two routers in a zigbee network?
I see all my zigbee equipment connecting to Homey, while many routers are much closer .
This may make the zigbee network more reliable.
If it is possible?

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Not aware of such a option, not in Homey nor in other systems.

For zigbee it is indeed not possible to determine the route (neither z-wave btw) neither by Homey itself, it is taken care of by the devices themselves.

I have the same issues since a day, all Zigbee devices connect straight to Homey and w 29 devices I get some problem devices (not functioning). I also tried to remove one Zigbee device and get an error ‘status.remove_device_eror’. Also a restart or PTP did not work, still everything directly to Homey while I have multiple routers.

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Not an answer to your question, but definitely worth trying if you haven’t done this already. I did it to and I never have issues with Zigbee, to be honest.