Router part of the zigbee mesh network


I have a ziggo router with two ASUS-RT-AC66U. The last two are set as an extender (hard wired). One is placed at the attic and one in the garden. The Homey is placed in the kitchen.
Are these extenders part of the zigbee mesh network. So, a device in the garden or attic, will this be switch thru the extender, or does it needs another supporting device to get the signal thru?

I have set the extenders and my ziggo modem to channel 11, which is the same as the Homey. Is this good, or bad?


Q1: Homey don’t use you’re wifi network or your repeater as zigbee network/mesh. Homey has it owns zigbee network. To extend your zigbee network/mesh you need power supplied devices like bulbs or smart plugs.

Q2: This is bad. You should use different channels for your wifi router and Homey. If you have more zigbee bridges like Philips Hue Bridge than you should use again another channel. Also Homey, the wifi router and other bridges shouldn’t stay near to each other.

Thanks for the swift reply & clarification.

I will change the channels of the ziggo modem and extenders.

Zigbee and WiFi are two different protocols. Your WiFi devices don’t act as Zigbee-repeaters/routers/extenders, and vice versa.

The channel numbering is also different. If you have your WiFi on channel 11, and your Zigbee on channel 11, that’s actually a good thing, because that means there is no overlap between those two. See the graphic below:



I did not know that about the channel, I have already read differently here in the forum.

@KiJo-DuKa, Sorry for the wrong information.
@robertklep, Thank you for the correction.


Thanks for this deepened answer.

So, it really doesn’t matter as the devices choose there channels on there own. It only matters for your WiFi signal.