Homey bridge router extender

I have a homey bridge with 4 battery Frient Zigbee heat detectors added. The range is horrible. Can anyone suggest a homey compatible Zigbee router/extender. I bought a zigbee smartplug but it was not compatible. So disappointing. I am in North America. Thanks.

It should have worked. ZigBee is the same frequency and spec in the US as EU. ZWave is different though.

George, it shouldn’t be horrible. Note the wifi 2.4GHz & zigbee interference chance. They operate in the same frequency band;
Explanations and hints here: (note, you don’t have to install anything)

When you want to measure the pollution of (neighbour’s) wifi channels in your home, you can use wifi analyzer (android) or Network Analyzer Pro (iphone)

Also adding one or two mains powered zigbee devices can make thing less horrible. They act like a router/hop/extender

Here very good results with the Aeotec routers/extenders. (Just 1 in use)