Zigbee (New) Issues


Having read the existing topics i could not find any solution

My issues came after an update about three weeks ago, eveything was fine before.

Devices no more systematically responding, or not responding at all.

I discovered most zigbee routes were very long and weird hoping through 4 very close by zigbee devices, i could shorten those routes by doing an “interview” of each device with a long route,
I did some reboots of the Homey also

Note that device 24 is in fact behind a Hue bridge which is on frequency band 11
This hue bridge is only device 24, i did not use it for the other hue devices

My wifi seems clean

Also heard a lot of people incriminating the osram plugs, but as they no more have router jobs in the shortened routes i am reluctant to replace so much plugs.

Any ideas of what i could try out to solve this?

Today my whole Zigbee is dead, i opened a ticket