Zigbee network and devices issue


Please forward me if this issue already exists.

Lately, I have experienced issues with my Zigbee network and some of the devices stops communication.
At the developer part of Homey, I can see there is something wrong, but I don’t know why.

All of these “?” appears and I don’t know why. I have re-added two temperature & humidity sensors which stop sending me values after a short period of time.

First is Homey, second and third you can see a “?” in the route.

Further down, number 12 and 13 only have this “?”.

Trying to interview different devices, returns this:

Your Q was answered here alr:

When you want to interview battery operated devices, make sure to wake them, like stated in orange, by short pressing the pair button on the unit, and keep doing that every 2 or 3 seconds.

But why do you want to interview them?
When zigbee is running fine, just don’t look at the zigbee page :upside_down_face:

Thank you for the reply!

My Zigbee is not running fine, that’s why I am checking out what could be the problem :smiley:

I am also experiencing some issues with zigbee network, mainly:

Lag on communication;
Delay on the status update of the device (switch) in Homey app;
Timeouts (30000ms).

I have raised an issue a few days ago but so far haven’t received feedback.

Tell me if u get any feedback about this.

After resetting my Zigbee network, the nodes look like this:

Shouldn’t all the devices be gone when u reset the network?

My plan is to reboot Homey with the latest backup and hopefully it connects with all the devices again.