Homey Pro 2023 and MicroDim ZB250 Zigbee devices?

Hi all,

Long and troublesome story, but the essentials:

Bought Homey bridge, added the zigbee devices. Generally hard to pair them. Using generic zigbee as there is no apps. Changes on the nodes not updating in the app, flows performing very badly, hardly at all.

Bought Homey Pro 2023 as soon as it came out. Now we are able to use the MicroDim app, and things seems a bit smoother. But… something happening during the day rendering the zigbee network useless. Seems ok in the morning, but not responding any more later in the day.

It was 24 zigbee devices in total, 20 of them are routers, the rest is battery powered switches. Tried reducing is to total of 20 devices.

Tried resetting and adding every device multiple times.

Restarting the app and/or Homey pro does not help.

I can even turn on and off lights in the app. running flows not working. Ping is timing out on the developer overview. I have some kind of idea that something is making a “storm” in the zigbee network, but can’t see any routing, do any fault finding or anything besides “reset network” and that is not working at all…

Support just turned us down and closed the ticket as they are working on the zigbee functionality. Was this device released way to early, and is the only cause of this issues - or could it be anything else - and what can be done when trying to find out what?

Is there a console where I can monitor zigbee-traffic - or any other tools that might help?

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