Homey Pro 2023 Offline Issue

Hi folks,

I have an issue with my Homey Pro 2023 saying it’s offline.

Flows seem to be working OK, but the app says it’s offline. I have the hardwired network adaptor, so it’s not a WiFi issue, either.

I unplugged it yesterday and just now, but it’s still claiming to be offline.

Any ideas what’s up?

Been having a bunch of issues with some of my zigbee devices since the latest update as well. Argh!

Does the web app still work? https://my.homey.app

There were some issues at Athom yesterday evening and as a result I had the same problem (although Homey 2019). After liogging out and logging in again the problem was solved for me.

Do we know what the issues were?

Yes it does.

Thanks - logging out and back in seems to have fixed it for me also. :grin:

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For some people, reinstalling the mobile app fixed it.

I have the same problem with my Homey Pro 2023.

My Homey is connected via Ethernet. I unplugged my Homey for 1 minute, started up fine flows, and switches work. But cannot connect to my Homey using my iPhone app or web app.

I also rebooted my homey without ethernet, but did not make any difference.

I checked the App Store for updates for the Homey App, and there were. so I updated the app.
When I want to log in the app crashes.

So I logged out from Homey on my mobile app. With the hope of logging back in. Does not work, when I signing with my credentials I get an error message "Invalid response from the server: [Object object]. See the attached picture.

I am also not able to log in via the web app, after filling in my credentials click on login in it loads, but after 30 seconds or so I need to filling my credentials again.

There are major issues with Athom cloud servers at the moment.

Same with my system. Homey 2019. Flows work fine, but no possibilty to recht with the app or the web app, two devices iPhone ans iPad tested…

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the info.

Later this morning it started working again.