Homey Pro is offline

I cannot access my Homey Pro 2023 from the Homey app or from the web. I get the message “Homey Pro is offline. Could not communicate with Homey”.

My Homey otherwise works normally with sensors, switches etc.
For the record, I select the correct Homey in the initial screen. Not the old Homey that actually is offline.
How do I get my Homey back online? Unplugging and replugging does not work.

Did you also reset your router? Maybe it wil help.

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Are you using the ethernet adapter? I had the same issue a few days ago and tried to reset by unplugging the cable from the homey. Nothing helped. Then I remembered there was also the ethernet adapter and unplugged it from the socket and plugged it back in. That finally fixed it.

Using Ethernet dongle: Swap the USB cables for decent ones.

I had the same problem with the original homey utp adopter. Reported the issue and was able to download a new firmware version. Now the problem is fixed. It is a test version that I was able to download by enabling an option in the app

Versie nummer : 10.0.3-rc4