Homey PRO 2023 Offline - Can not reconnect


Installed a new Homey Pro 2023 via WiFi a couple of days ago, the installation was without any problems. Today the Homey was offline, both via the app and via the web.

I have tried to reconnect it to the WiFi but without any success.

I have tried to configure the Homey again via the app, it search for the Homey and finds it but then it says that it can not find any Network. However the network works fine with everything else.

What i have done so far:
Tried to restart the Homey
Factory reset the Homey
Removed the Homey from my account
Tested different WiFi Networks
Restarted my Network
Tried to disable the 5GHz Network so only the 2,4 GHz Network was active

Everytime the Homey starts up and the blue LED starts flashing and the app says it found the Homey but in the next step i says that it could not find any WiFi Network.

I have no more ideas, any suggestion what to test next?


Hi Ron, welcome,

There’s a long list of topics about this exact issue.
Please use the forum search first