[Fixed] Homey Pro 2023 reports "offline" in webapp & dev tools every few hours while being connected and still being responsive in mobile app (LAN and WIFI)


after having installed a brand new Homey Pro 2023 the Homey webapp (Firefox) as well as the dev tools page report Homey Pro 2023 as “offline” after ~ 4-24h before requiring a restart and it’ll start all over. However the network connectivity is still fine as I can use the mobile app, flows are working fine. Besides also directly accessing the IP address will return the expected JSON response by Homey Pro 2023, i.e. with Homey-ID and version.
So basically all is fine, except for the web-based access. My old/secondary-to-be Homey Pro 2019 does not suffer that issue.

As I bought the ethernet adapter I had Homey Pro 2023 configured with WIFI/WLAN and LAN at the same time, just LAN and currently just WIFI. However this didn’t change anything when going through this in recovery mode and reconfigure. WIFI/LAN neither seem to interfere nor serve as failover.
Somehow this proves that it’s not about Homeys network connection to my local home network at all (given that the mobile app has no such issue, nor any direct IP-based pings or HTTP calls). Also outgoing connections do work, e.g. syslog messages from Homey to a Synology NAS syslog server.

Actually it “looks” like that Homey just stops being able to “talk” home as Homey’s webapp is located with Athom and hence needs to connect with their cloud.
When switching off WIFI on my mobile the Homey mobile app also won’t connect to Homey Pro 2023. So basically if the mobile app is still in “local” mode it apparently can directly connect to Homey’s local IP, but when switching to mobile connection only my Homey Pro 2019 is reachable and the app says “cloud” connection in contrast to “local”. However even Homey Pro 2023 suffering from the connectivity issue still reports in the general information that it’ll be connected to the Athom cloud, but apparently prefers the local network connect if both Homey and mobile are co-located in the same home network.

Has anyone seen that behaviour?
Could it be a firmware issue or some cloud-connection keep-alives having time-outs every now and then? All test combinations clearly rule out that it’s a home network interconnectivity issue as just the Athom cloud-connection - despite reporting as up in the mobile app - is lost, explaining why any cloud/web-based access stops to work but local connections from a mobile stay okay.

The only workarounds so far: Reboot Homey (e.g. through the mobile app, which as said still can connect…) or restart the AVM Fritzbox router Homey is connected to (helps for both WIFI and/or LAN-based connection). This seems to trigger some real reconnect.

Best regards, Michael

P.S. also reported that to Athom, but 3-weeks feedback time are long, so I’d hope for some community insights.

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Surely you searched the forum first? This is a very common issue.

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with the right keywords, yes: Homey Pro 2023 loses connection to cloud (server) and is offline - #18 by Peter_Kawa

Unfortunately there’s no common solution to the common problem (yet) :frowning:

I wonder that Athom didn’t fix this for a long time. With all the reports around.
It’s quite obviously related to the communication between Homey and the Athom cloud.
Even if there are issues with Wifi or LAN adapters, power adapters or gremlins it can only be a software issue if an up-and-running Homey with actual connectivity looses cloud connect while being locally accessible/running. So it’s either a bogus firmware on Homey Pro 2023 (which I assume as my Homey Pro 2019 with an older version doesn’t suffer from this) or it’s some issue of the Athom cloud services that cannot process authentication requests (bad design choice…) or similar to talk back from web-based apps.
Actually with much spare time I’d enable the Fritzbox network monitoring and have a look with Wireshark what’s going on, but probably that would be just more sunk lifetime.

i have the same problem…

I hope that the factory resolve in the minimum time this problem…

posted a homeyscript into the other thread to regularily query some internet address. It somehow kept the cloud connection up and running for at least 5days. After deactivating the scheduled flow it stopped to worked after a few hours again. So probably at least a workaround…

Hi, there was a server-side fix rolled out according to Peter from Athom support. :smiley:
It was no firmware issue or so of Homey itself. No more workarounds like reboots required.
No more offline reports after DSL reconnects of my router.