Homey Pro (2023) is not accessible without internet!?

Today my ISP was doing some “upgrades” that left me without any internet access, and it seems I wont get it back until midday tomorrow. It should not be any problem, right?

Homey Pro does everything on-premise, to take advantage of the lowest latency and highest reliability. The cloud is only used when absolutely necessary.

Always up — even when your internet is down.

Well - none of that seems to be true; my “Homey Pro is Offline”.

Sure - physical buttons connected to the Zigbee network still works fine - but the Homey App wont connect.

I’ve disconnected the WAN altogether, restarted both my router and Homey Pro, result; “Homey Pro is Offline”

I can ping both the Homey Pro unit, and my Android phone on the local network.

As a side note: I hooked up my old Hue Controller, and the Hue App works just fine (instantly so).

What am I missing, any configuration to be made?

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Lost connection to the internet here as well, and my hub is also not accessible via LAN

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The discovery mechanism that the Homey app uses to find your Homey locally is broken, and has been so for many many years.

Please report the issue to Athom: Support | Homey

Try to check Browser developers console, eg. Ctrl+Shift+I in Firefox… you might find out that for example you have problem with your DNS/DHCP etc. If it’s not the case, then as Robert suggested, pls. contact Athom directly.

Damn it - thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Besides Homey not being accessible during ISP downtime it also frequently disconnects from my WiFi network, yielding the same message; “Homey Pro is Offline”…

I bought this POS with the intent to not get involved with specifics but still be able to “wield the sword” and having a “family-friendly-ux”. And I was hesitant, really favoring HA myself - but gave in due to time constraints and the “family-friendly-ux”. Well, F me.

But nah - I won’t contact support over a “years long issue”, I will request a charge back as the marketing team doesn’t seem give a single fuck about reality.

Is this some witty variant of “Cunningham’s Law”?

Sorry but not sorry, could not resist.

Sorry to hear. I guess if you, just like me, just wanted “local stuff” to “just work locally” - just need to look for another vendor.

(I was planning to integrate my heating system into this POS)

Over and out.

I have exactly the same problem right now. I bought this pretty expensive device BECAUSE it could work even under a ISP breakdown.

Who do I write to ?!

(All info below is as far as I know, correct me if I’m wrong)

Yes, it should work fine during a ISP breakdown, except for my.homey.app (Advanced Flow :smirk:), while that site doesn’t run @ Homey itself,
after a certain number of weeks without internet (is that a reality @ your place?), monitoring/managing by the mobile app will not be possible anylonger, the cloud is needed to renew authentication

Also, this statement @ homey.app does have the ‘but’:
“The cloud is only used when absolutely necessary”.


But, my but is: Athom, shouldn’t the statement below be extended with:
“, but to monitor or manage your Homey, every now and then you’ll need the cloud to authenticate, and to use Advanced Flow, using my.homey.app, you also need the cloud.”?
“Of course cloud connected/dependent devices don’t work without the cloud” (this is not obvious to non techies)

You can write to https://homey.app/support

(Isn’t this info available in the documentation which came along with your Homey?)

That’s the official note, but anecdotally, when your internet connection goes down Homey will very quickly become unmanageable because the mobile app isn’t able to discover it anymore (even with a working internet connection this can happen, witnessed by the many “Homey offline” posts…).

Also, even if the statement you mention is correct, Homey would work up to a certain number of weeks (I believe it’s 2). If your internet connection goes down and the token is set to expire an hour later, you’re out of luck.

Thanks Robert!

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Use my app SmartDash (or other local dashboard system?)
they use only homey web local api and should work without internet

Can it be used to manage Homey (create flows, add/remove devices, etc)?

Actually not,
Implement all api require more work :sweat_smile:
But you can control and monitor it

Hmmm… :blush:
Are the timeline notifications readable?
Can we read logs from f.i. Simple Log?
Can we view Insights?
Can we view the Device logs (on off history)?

insights are present, timeline notifications is on development…
Others functions to see :wink:
The app was born as a local dashboard, but is possible to implement other features to support official app.

With local api is possibile to execute only some commands: see api local sdk

From Sdk, devices’log is available only with cloud api, so i think that devices’log are saved direct on the cloud

So there is no way to replace the official app. :sweat_smile:

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Hate to bring up an old thread…

I am considering investing into Homey Pro. But, I see threads like this and makes me very concerned. What steps have been taken to help prevent this?

Since those posts, this happened and in the aftermath Athom made a bunch of charges which in theory ought to have made things better. I’ve fortunately not had occasion to test this myself but maybe others on this forum can comment on whether the improvements made after this outage have fixed these issues?

Until Athom implements something like being able to use long-lived tokens in the mobile/web apps, the authentication mechanism for Homey is fundamentally flawed as it depends on Athom’s cloud servers. When the cloud servers or your internet connection go down, this can still result in not being able to control your Homey. It’s not a fully local solution like HA.

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I bought the homey to install in a newly constructed house. There is no internet connection yet since the internet provider still has to dig a connection to the house.
It means the homey is useless for me.
I will return the homey and ask for refund. What a disappointment