Homey Offline... but not completely

I need some help here.

I know my Homey is not completely offline, as i can see i requests a IP from the DHCP (and gets it) and automatic flows are also running.

On top op that the api is running, as i can make http get’s to trigger my flows.

But the app, developer site, insights and everything else keeps saying its offline.

It is driving me crazy. What the heck is wrong here?
I have restarted it like a million times. The entire network, all AP’s, firewalls, DHCP, DNS etc have also been restarted. Nothing helps.

The method that Athom uses to access Homey locally is fraught with potential issues.

Try running a tool like nslookup or dig to look up the address X-X-X-X.homey.homeylocal.com (where X-X-X-X is the local IP-address of your Homey but with periods replaced by hyphens, so for instance 192-168-1-100.homey.homeylocal.com).

Did it just stop working out of the blue, or was it because of something you changed in your local network (or performed a Homey firmware upgrade)?

I’ll check that

Im switching firewall, so I switch them back and forth to configure the new (until I’m done), but even with the old one, who’s config haven’t changed I still can’t access it.

It would make sense if it didn’t work with the new, but with the old it makes no sense.

Thru the magic of “I didn’t touch anything” it works both for the new and old firewall.
Guess it just needed a good nights sleep :slight_smile: