Homey not reachable - even not on local network


it is the second time that homey isn"t reachable. All the flows are working and the homey is reachable.
I think the proxy is somehow down for me(some users)

Why is the app not working in die local network if the proxy is down?

Now it is back online.

But if I disconnect the internet connection from homey it is not reachable from the local network. Is this intendet?

Same problem but mine is still offline

Try restarting your app

Homey was offline. Ptp and saw that flows were still being logged. No local acces

Thx, didn’t fixed it. But now it works again

Here alle evening ofline. How can I solve this. Did update last sunday.

some questions:

  • Did you close the phone-app and restart it?
  • Did you Pull The Plug (PTP) on Homey and let it restart?
  • Did you delete the phone-app and re-install it?
  • Do you see Homey connected in your router (does she have an ip)?
  • Do you see Homey online on https://developer.athom.com/


Since so many ppl mention this today: I think this has been a problem in the cloud. My Homey went awal this afternoon also while i had no problem with the internet nor the Wi-Fi. After a reboot (it does that automatically after 15 minutes of missing cloud connection) all was OK again. It gives me a voice warning that the connection is lost (which i heard since i was home) and a voice message and mobile notification once it has restarted.

Did al the above mentiont. Works now, except Solar panels, Honeywell and presence. Worket before. Homey still goes offline now and then.

Best is to give Athom a log from your Homey so they can check it (log can be send to Athom from settings).

Dafont MapQuest 192.168.l.l

They answered me and it should be fixed in the next release