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I experienced, as many (all?) homey users this morning, that homey was completely cut off from any user interaction. Could not interact with it, neither with the app or on PC. Seems to be fixed now.

This got me thinking about how “local” homey really is.

So got back home just now, checked that everything worked, which it mostly did. Then pulled the wan cable from the router. The house was now completely cut off from the internet. And then made sure my phone was only on wifi. And yes, homey worked without an internet connection, even after restart. And I could reach it with the phone app.

But on the PC its another story. Through chrome you use https://my.homey.app/ to interact with homey and that is not a local adress. So no luck there. And then it dawned on me. You can kiss your advanced flow access goodbye if your homey does not have an internet connection. Unless there is some way to use a web browser through a LAN adress I dont know about. So if athom servers go down for any length of time, your advanced flows just turn into a black box with no possibility for you to view or edit. Am I wrong here?

Companies come and go. So if Athom goes, will I be using the homey for handball practice with my grandson in a few years?

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Don’t know if you read already the Blog report about the latest problems:

Post mortem API outage — Behind the Magic | Homey

On the Homey Slack channel @robertklep asked exactly this question regarding the WebApp and received an answer from an Athom employee:


Local access for the web app will be worked on soon. You could still disable advanced Flows from mobile though.

huh, no missed that one

But what about local access to the web app itself?

Yes something to think about.

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Too bad cache manifests don’t work anymore… :roll_eyes: