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No Internet - No homey functions?

Hi all!

What happens when the home network looses the internet connection?

  1. Can I reach Homey locally and continue creating Flows?
    (I cant reach it from ouside the network… That’s for sure…) :slight_smile:
  2. Is the Flows/logic stored locally and runs even if there are no internet connection?

I understand positioning and geo-rules is out of the question.
But if I replace my Nexa timer with Homey, and I loose internet… Would most things work anyway or not?


All things that don’t need internet works yes.

So, lets say, if i loose internet, and Homey needs a reboot… The “Magic Homey” have most things stored locally.
Is there an online backup of any sort, or is everything stored on Homey itself?
Or is that were the backup functionality comes in from third party apps and perhaps Homey 2:nd generation…?

It’s all on the Homey.

After checking back home I now know, that if you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t connect to Homey, all though you are on the same local network as it…
At least not with the PC application…

Forget the pc app and go for the Chrome browser and local IP

I tried Homeys 192.168-address with no success… (From chrome on my iPhone)

Should I use any special path?

Nope, just the local IP should be enough.

That don’t work for me…
It redirect to itself and writes that it “can’t find the address to the server at my.athom.com”.
So it seems like internet is needed after all…


It should work :wink:

Hi Johannes!
Homey Flows Do work. That is Great!
And I hoped to be able to improove some flows
But I can not connect to Homey on my local network when there is no internet connection… As I wrote, it seem to want to go Online and check for IP on my.athom.com
However, I seem to have access to Homey via my mobile app if I am connected to the (not internet connected) wifi.

New question…
How do I change Homeys network to be able to give it what it needs…?
(I would love to try out some new Flows before my internet provider solve the problem, and I have a mobile AP to test it with…)
The mobile app do not seem to have the options for changing the IP-settings.
But it reaches the Homey… (But How and on what address?)

When you try to connect to the local IP address Homey will try to establish a session. When there is no cached session you will have to be authenticated and authentication takes place against my.athom.com but that fails because you have no internet connection.
The app on your phone probably has a cached session so you do not need to authenticate and can make a connection.

So in short, you can only connect to your Homey when you have a cached session. If you need to (re-)authenticate you need an internet connection.

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Thanks DaneedeKruyff!!
This explain my problems! :slight_smile:

Is it the same story for the Mac Application w.r.t. using Chrome browser instead? It proved problematic and I was hoping 2.0 release would do magic.

Yep, forget the app.

I don’t understand why Athom says to stop using the desktop app. Connecting to Homey through the local IP address doesn’t seem the most intuitive and logical way.
At first, Homey gets a DHCP address that can always change in the future. As far as i know, i can’t manually set a dedicated address (so i would always have access via the same address).
At second, if go to Homey via the local IP address now, it (still) shows below message:
I really don’t hope the desktop app will be deleted suddenly in the future.

Just connect your browser, Homey prefers Chrome, to my.athom.com

Well, that is the point, that doesn’t work if you don’t have an internet connection at that moment (for instance if your provider is doing maintenance). So the only way is via IP address and then you get the Athom warning that browsers aren’t supported and you should use the desktop app.

That’s indeed the point, also see my post above.
Regarding the warning about the browser support, just ignore that. Everybody knows that can better use Chrome but Athom refuses to remove the warning :frowning:

Btw. you could try homey.local to reach your Homey on your local network, no need to connect to it on IP address.

U best do this in ur router or other device that manage ur DHCP.