100% Local Control

Hi… is there any hope for 100% local control of Homey hub in case of internet disconnections or this idea is just scrapped? TIA

Unfortunately that’s not the case… if there’s no internet connection and I’m connected to the same WiFi as Homey, the app shows offline… does yours work without internet?

Homey will likely still work (running flows, etc), even though the app says it’s offline. But Athom has acknowledged that the app will always need internet access in order to get a new access token for your Homey if the old one expires, so 100% local control simply isn’t possible at the moment.

Thanks… any idea if this issue is being worked on or will be addressed in the near future?

Athom knows about it, that’s about as much as I can say I’m afraid. I have no idea if they are ever going to fix it or even think that it’s an actual issue.

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We are all doomed to (or with the use of) online services, and there is not much we can do about it…

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