Connect with bluetooth to Homey!?

My router went down yesterday and I could’t connect to Homey!

Not even with bluetooth!

Any setting to enable connecting with bluetooth?

Homey can’t be controlled through Bluetooth. It’s a known issue that Homey can’t be reached if your internet connection is down, even if your local network is still up and running.

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I’m wondering why this (known issue) is? Is this planned to be fixed? I’m a new (first week) Homey user and in the past I’ve had my internet go down for a couple of days and couldn’t use Sonos, Philips Hue etc. anymore. Seems unacceptable to me to lose Homey connectivity if your local network is up and running but without internet? Or am I missing something?

It’s a known issue that the mobile app doesn’t work locally in certain situations (the mobile app requires internet access to get an access token to be able to talk to Homey, even locally, and when your internet connection goes down and that access token happens to expire, the app won’t be able to access Homey anymore).

Last I heard about it was that Athom would look at extending the expiry time for a token, so it will “last” longer, but I have no idea if they ever implemented that (or if it will definitively fix the issue).

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Ah, now I understand. It’s not Homey that doesn’t work anymore, it’s the (cloudbased) token server that can’t be reached to request a new token.

So basically, when this happens, Homey itself will still run and execute flows, you just might not be able to access the UI. (And the flows may fail if they use internet services I guess).

Thanks for your explanation.

That’s correct :slight_smile: