Connect to homey without internet

Am i supposed to be able to access homey without internet but when i am on the samw wifi?

My internet distributer are doing maintenance so the internet is gone. I thought i was able to access tje homey as long i was on the same wifi

Yes and no.

Athom states that “Homey is not dependent on cloud services to operate (unlike some other systems)”.

However, that’s not correct: Homey requires access to the Athom cloud services for authentication. Once the Homey mobile or desktop app is authenticated, it receives an access token that is valid for a certain amount of time (I think 14 days). During that time, Homey can be accessed locally without an internet connection. However, when the token expires, local access stops working and you need a working internet connection again.

If your internet connection drops out and the current token is almost expired, you’ll run into issues.

Also won’t work if you have client isolation on oyur access point or separation by vlan in place.

Hmm, ive been on the app everyday.
The second i lost internet on my wifii dropped out.


Of not, os it something i can do

I don’t have vlan, but what do you mean by client isolation?

The token isn’t refreshed every day (AFAIK). Next time when it happens, try rebooting Homey and restarting the mobile app.

Client Isolation is a wifi access point feature which prevents the clients connected to it from communicating with each other.

I thought wrong. I read " vpn"… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was trying to connect directly on the router, not access point.
If that is what your meaning :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

It’s still offline so i will try that now. Thanks :+1:

Still no connection

Restarted homey, and my phone app.
Also no connection with the computer

Time to send an e-mail to, I suppose.

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Yeah, i guess so.

Some flows seems to work.
Like lights, motion sensor, but not aqara button

Is it correct?

If I have a house without internet connection and I don’t have a smartphone only a computer without internet, I can’t set up Homey?



Wi-Fi connection with Internet.
Smartphone with iOS 11+ or Android 5+

This fact of Homey-issues when internet is lost will be a heavy argument for using Home Assistant since HA is a true local installation.