Homey gets 'offline': related topics

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there are a few topics which are all related to the fact that Homey gets into an “Offline modus”. This state was first noticed somewhere beginning of December 23.

Please have a look at these for further details and suggestions from users. I think it’s an Athom issue introduced in an update around that time.

If there are any other or new related topics, please add a link to this topic as well.

By the way, here is a link to Athom’s Changelog : Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey



This might be related as well

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Same problem has started occuring for me on my Homey Pro (2019). At first I noticed some flows didnt trigger, then I noticed all my hue connected devices didnt work. all web based devices are “unavailable”. When I tried to go to the update page in Homey, I was unable to load the page and got “The access token was not found” as an error message both on my pc and through the phone app (android).

After restarting homey all worked again, then a few hours later the problem repeated itself. I tried a powercycle on the Homey and it once again fixed the issue. However now my Thermostat refuses to come back online in Homey.

All these issues started shortly after the latest firmware update. I dont know what Athom has broken in it. But I hope a solution is found soon cause currently my domotica setup is extremely unreliable :frowning: .

When I now try to go to the updates page, the “automatic updates” toggle button has been disabled. When I try to enable it I get the Error “Homey is Offline”. After reloading the page several times I can toggle it on again. Homey however doesnt save the state of the toggle button and browsing away from the page forces it back to being toggled off…

Hi @Bloodhoundje , the offline situation is solved by restarting Homey. Once you;ve done that, All is working for a while, nobody knows how long. So after the restart, I bet you can set your update toggle!

To be honest, this sounds like a different issue. Are you still using the original power supply that came with your Homey? If so, replace it.

Hi Robert,

If this is a PSU issue, how come all the functions work and Homey is reachable over WiFi etc. it only looses connection to the Hue Bridge/Thermostat and cant check for updates with the Token error while I can run all other commands/control directly connected Zigbee bulbs fine through Homey.

Ofcourse I am willing to give another PSU a shot. Will replace it with another adapter when I get home right away to see what it does (always worth a shot! :slight_smile: ).

Hello, I confess that I haven’t tested the application on my 5G phone when I noticed this issue to see if the Homey 2023 box had lost its connection. I will do it next time to gather more information for a potential support request to Homey, as it could be a power-related problem, as some people suggest.

I’ve seen your script, and I’ll apply it, creating a flow to execute it every 10 minutes to check for any loss. Should I leave it as is? Nothing to change in this script?

const url = 'https://api.chucknorris.io/jokes/random'; // or something else
const resStatus = await fetch(url);
if (!resStatus.ok) {
  throw new Error(resStatus.statusText);

const json = await resStatus.json();
const quote = json.value;
const result = url + ": " + quote;
log (result);
return result;

Regarding the NAT issue, apart from testing the IP address as indicated via the URL (https://whatismyipaddress.com/), I’m not sure if my provider has implemented it. In any case, in my interface (Orange), there’s nothing at the NAT level, no redirection. If it’s internal to the provider and we don’t have control over it, I don’t see how to intervene. It’s more up to Homey to adapt.

For your information, I am on firmware 10.1.0, and I hesitate to upgrade because other users have experienced their entire Z-Wave network disappearing, and some have encountered issues. Therefore, for me, it is not stable. The current version I have does not have any problems with Z-Wave.

I also notice that there are two applications for scanning the network that might be better than the script. What do you think? Which one would be preferable: (Network-Check) or (Net-Scan)?

  1. Run script
  2. If joke gets returned
  3. Then result = “ok”

I didn’t remember, but I had already installed the (Network-Check) application. It runs every day, and I’ve never received any alerts. So, I assume I don’t have any network disruptions. I’ll still test the script just to be sure. I’ll also scan my provider’s IP for a few days to see if it changes, but I doubt that’s the issue since I have several cameras and other connected devices without any problems on that front. Nevertheless, this issue with Alexa is quite strange.

This is related, it not about Ggl, but Homey cloud connect issues (a.k.a. “Homey is offline”)

I have replaced the adapter, sadly Homey just lost connection to the Hue bridge once again. I will be opening a support ticket with Athom to see where this leads.

Same issues here, on both a Homey 2019 and a Homey 2023. So a PSU cannot be the issue (the 2023 unit is using the new PSU btw).
Homey itself is offline, and all external connections do not work: we hooks, Google Home integration.
Support just points you too the instructions on how to relink Google Home, but that doesn’t have any effect.

I just came across this topic for the first time. Been having the same issue with HP2019 back in December, but it stopped appearing… Until I read this topic this morning :joy: not sure what’s causing it but PTP has worked for me everytime.

It isn’t in the topic title nor in the description but most topics where opend because specific issues in Homey Pro (Early 2023)
Therfore the link to Homey Pro (Early 2023) Changelog | Homey

Hp2019 is just compleet different…
I am for sure there are a couple of different issues, appearing more or less frequently. But putting all different issues with same like symptoms here in one Topic probably isn’t going to solve it sooner.

It’s not about HP2023 only.

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while they share Athom’s Cloud backend, the Homey (Pro) (Early 2016-2019) and Homey Pro (Early 2023) are complete different.

The Homey (Pro) (Early 2016-2019) is known for only connecting to Wifi 2.4 GHz. Mostly an Setup Issue, if it is connected / works it most of the time keeps working.

The Homey Pro (Early 2023) is known for having an issue at some WiFi networks/ Access Point configurations (Reported as a Raspberry PI CM4 Driver Issue)

What is the goal of this Topic combining all different topics for different issue’s / causes that have just one same symptom (Homey Disconnected)

In my opinion collecting all that complete different issues together isn’t going to help users isolate their own problem, nor help users find fixes for verry specific issue’s (like the CM4 driver in certain Wifi Setups)

Edit: Maybe in my assumption it was created for the different Topics about one problem (HP2023 / Mostly CM4 Driver) but If I missed the real Goal for this Topic, let me know.

But the issue also occurs with HP2023’s that have a wired connection, and the offline issue has existed for a long time, also for older Homey’s (although it seems to be more prevalent with the new hardware).

I’m fairly sure that the issue is something to do with the way Homey and Homey Cloud interact. When Homey Cloud loses the connection with Homey, it marks that Homey as offline. So either Homey doesn’t reconnect properly (or it doesn’t notice that it lost its connection), or Homey Cloud doesn’t notice that Homey reconnected and keeps it marked as offline.

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Ok than I was on the wrong track and is this a topic for all issues where Homey is offline.

Hi @Dijker ,

I created this topic.

Why? I noticed that there were several topics actually dealing with the same basic issue. Since I was struggeling in how to find a solution that worked. I even doubted if I was the only one and that it had something to do with my own config, Luckily I saw that there were more signs leading to the same source.

So in stead of finding out a lot of things my self, trial and error, I could now combine all effort out there related to the same problem. And more could learn from actions taken by others.

That saved a lot of time, for some of the tests I planned were already executed.

So my main goal was to give insight and gather as much info as possible to have a bandaid solution, for it’s clear to me Athom has to solve the source.

Hope this clears things up for you behind this topic.