Web/App timeouts and unavailability

Just putting this here in case it helps others. The past two days I had a bunch of issues adding new Z-Wave nodes, as well as using the app to control things, as it would frequently time out, require refreshes, and say my Homey wasn’t available. Flows would mostly work, but sometimes not.

I rebooted Homey several times, verified that the WiFi signal and speed was good, as reported by my router, and couldn’t figure out what the deal was until I tried pinging Homey in a loop, over WiFi, and it was going between 100ms and 50+ seconds, with several 5-second pauses and timeouts.

I finally rebooted the WiFi router, even though everything from my phone, to Raspberry Pi’s, ESP32’s, WiFi smart plugs and other gadgets have no issues.

After the router reboot, the ping is rock solid at around 5ms. The app and the web interface works brilliantly. I’ve put a watchdog script to check the ping every 5 minutes, and I’ve ordered the wired dongle. Not letting this get me again.

But yeah, check your ping if you’re having app/web issues.

(And for other readers)

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