Homey Pro 2023 Zigbee time out after adding new device

System have been working fine for long time. But was going to continue adding more of my fixed wall dimmers i got a error and one of the devices did not want to be added. After this it was not shown in device list, but i can see the CPU on the Homey Pro have gone up 10% since then. Z-wave is working fine. Non of the apps are showing to use more CPU. The similar dimmers is shown as router and i have 20 other devices that are routers. But only 2 end users. If im trying to operate any dimmer (turn on the light) i get a time out error message.

Please generate System diag ID and contact Athom. After that try PTP / restart just to see, if that helps.
Check out also dev. interface with Zigbee for reason of timeout,eg. if the ZigBee chip is stuck