Developer Page Z-wave topology

As of a few days ago i’m no longer able to get the Z-wave network topology in the developer page.
It only times out after 30000ms and is stuck on getNetworkTopology command. Is there anyone else who is experiencing this ?

Thanks, Reidar


Seems that Athom is preparing rollout of Firmware v2.0 as the Developer Pages states that " This page requires that the selected Homey matches firmware version >= 2.0.0" Maybe we will se the update before Christmas? :wink:

Hmm, would me nice yes. But I’m not seeing this on mine… Zigbee topology is OK, but zwave times out… Fortunately the system is working but I was now (again) starting to crave a backup function of something is about to fail… :thinking:

Same here. And worse is, after trying the developer page, the whole z-wave network is down, nothing is responding anymore. Just as i was getting satisfied with the stability, this happens. Athom really has to take care of this, it is very annoying if Homey stops all flows and devices without any notice or warning.



Same problem as you PetervdK, everything else works, except the whole zwave network crashes when trying to get zwave topology online. Every time I try, the network goes down, and I need to restart my homey. Have checked with both FireFox and Chrome, and delete browser cache and history, just in case…

Same here

See the image of my Zwave log, I get a lot of “isFailedNode”? What does this mean? Also my nodeID/devices in zwave is empty?

I got many unreliable Zwave fibaro sensors. I want to debug them, but i am unsure how. DOes anyone know what is happening or has ideas how I can tackle this?

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Several posts about this subject already. I have the same problem and i do not have any fibaro sensors in my network.

Previously, I could see my nodes at but not since last week.

The developer website has changed. The Z-Wave-page has been giving people issues, check your browser’s developer console to see if it’s throwing errors or something (if so, report them here).

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When I open that page I get respone_timeout. And no nodes are visible.

@Rasmus_Beyron @Davy_Vissers
What version is your Homey?
What browser are you using?
Are you on the Same network as homey or…

It is working for me with Chrome on Windows to both Homey 1.5.12 as 1.5.13-rcxx both local as remote.

Homey Firmware : 1.5.12
I have used Chrome and Firefox on Win10 and Safari on iPad.
Both are on the same network as Homey. And I also tried Chrome from remote.

Same problem here, both with chrome Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) and Edge 42.17134.1.0.
Error message response_timeout shown, and can not se any nodes. Homey Firmware Version: 1.5.12

Already mentioned here i guess…

Same here. Regardless of what browser I use, the zwave overview in the developers site does not return with a network topology. Even worse, it does seem to hang up all zwave communication for a while. I have the impression that only time heals the problen, immediate restart of homey does not always do the trick for me.
Is this issue being addressed by athom? I don’t know what is usual in these cases, do we register the issue with athom by sending in an email? Or are community messages like these also picked up by athom?

Merged some posts into this topic.

I received this from Athome

// Klas

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? What did you receive