Z-wave network inclusion

I am badly in need of network inclusion for my z-wave devices. I am regularly “loosing” z-wave device functionality though the app (although the devices still work via the developer page). The only solution at the moment would be disconnecting the Homey and placing it close to the device (most of them are installed in wall boxes) to exclude/include them again in order to regain the functionality.

In a post (Is my Homey "dead-ish" or is z-wave transmission power very low?) dated back september 2018 network inclusion is already mentioned:

Homey does not (yet) support inclusion over the mesh network…

The “not yet” now is 1 year and 5 months old. Is network inclusion impossible on the current hardware or just low on the feature request list?

I think that network inclusion would immensely facilitate this task and add greatly to the user friendliness of Homey!!

The feature is most likely really, really low on the list as the closer by inclusion does work, and Athom just doesn’t have the man power.
Rather a message to the support email will help more, as just mentioning it here, a place where Athom doesn’t really read/respond, it will stay really low on the todo list.

It isn’t a hardware limitation to answer that question.

Thanks. That (the hardware) is the good news :+1:
The bad news, unfortunately, seems to be the manpower issue. That has become very clear to me the last few months. Athom seems to have a huge problem transiting from start-up to scale-up…

I posted this “feature request” here in “ideas & suggestions” because it seemed to be the right place and I could not find a “feature request” form like there is with device requests. Or am I missing something?

Feature request form

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Great! Thanks a lot. I now also see that this form is mentioned on the support website. Feeling stupid :face_with_hand_over_mouth: