Is homey avaiable in US Zwave Frequency?

I’m an old Zwave adopter and looking to switch from another system to Homey, but I cannot find anywhere if Homey is available for US Zwave Frequency and if not, are there plans/timeline to provide Homey US frequency?

Yes, Athom does offer a US region z-wave chip, not sure if they already have the US compliance though.
You will have to contact Athom Support to get the proper one though as they don’t offer it “on the fly” on the website.

Thanks for your feedback Caseda, I’m looking to migrate from Zipato, do you have any experience with this platform that you can provide any comparison feedback?

Another question, I looked in the Homey support platform and in order to open a support request they require ya diagnostic support which I obviously don’t have. Do you know if there is another way of contacting them?

I have no experience with zipato, but asking that question is like asking someone how they find a certain television brand, some really love a certain brand, some really hate that brand cause they had an issue with it (in the past), or the never ending iPhone vs android “discussion”.
So it is just a personal opinion. (I’m one of those that really love Homey)

Woops, I though I put in the support mail for Athom instead of a faulty link (changed now to
You can still (for the future) just put in any code if you don’t have one.

Thanks for the email I will ask them.

Regarding my question, I think if you only know one environment if might seem more like a “preference” than anything else, but being familiar with Fibaro, Vera and Zipato, you can appreciate right away differences in the system, UI, API and especially support. I think Zipato has a good environment but unfortunatelly is closed, there is no way power users or third-party developers add functionality or compatibility to the system, Zipato support for this has been decreasing badly over the last couple of years, I like from homey that there is third-party development as far as I can tell, is that correct?