Homey United States

Lots I like about what I have read about the Homey Hub. Is it available in the U.S.? I see there’s a US website, but when I click on “where to buy,” all locations are outside the US. There was an announcement it was launching in 2018 or 2019, but can’t seem to find the product here. Anyone know?

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Have you tried to buy it online from Athom’s own site? Afaik they had a US model for z-wave but not sure it is still available.

And please contact support , that will probably give the fastest correct answer, and let us know!

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Thanks! I didn’t complete the order process, but the U.S. didn’t seem to be a shipping destination option. I can pick one up on eBay though. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work with my Nest or eero, but before dropping $450, I want to be sure!

If from eBay then most likely the z-wave protocol won’t work for you as different frequency.

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