Anyone know the import classification code for Homeys?

Turns out my Homey’s dead and the least invasive way to get my home automation up & running again is buying another one. Trouble is, Amazon, Homey, and the UK distributer are all showing long lead times. Looks like there is some stock at stores in NL & Be, but I’m trying to work out how much post-brexit import duty, VAT and handling charge I’ll have to pay. Does anyone happen to how Athom classifies Homey for import into the UK?

It was my understanding that Homey pro hardware may have regional differences (other than the plug) with regard to operating frequencies etc. I have no clue whatsoever if that also applies toe the UK version, but it might be wise to check.

I thought the regional variations were just z-wave frequency and the ability to use 433 mhz (which I have no use for), both of which should be the same for UK and EU I think?

UK and Netherlands use the same zwave frequency according to: