Homey Version ID

Gday from Australia. I’ve received a Homey and I would like to findout what version and if it’s a Australian Version? Where do i look? Thanks

Not sure if this can help:

If the person that gave it to you bought it from an Australian distributor than certainly the z-wave has the AUS frequency.

Thats the problem… I dont know where it came from… It was a free donation.

Can u give them my address also?


Then perhaps the only way to find out is what Neuron44 suggested, for that you have to register your Homey with Athom first.
You will see then under the z-wave the region as below screenshot.

Hi … thank you all for your comments.
This is what i found…
see attached pics
Built Early 2018

Please excuse my diction and typos —- Kindest Regards Robert

Seems fine!

Only one way to know for sure :wink:

Only if you excuse ours as well, since English isn’t our native langauge (at least not mine, I’m Dutch)

Ill try this reply again.
I just registered the Homey so so far so good.
Ive looked at the setup section and it tells me it was build Early 2018.
Plus this info.

Please excuse my diction and typos —- Kindest Regards Robert

Yup, you’ve got a keeper! Now all you have to do, start building your home automation :muscle:

Thanks for the good news.
Just received my shipment from Shelley. Waiting on an order from Smarthome and I have a stack of Echo bits…
Now starts the fun bit -)))



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