Can not connect any ZWave device to Homey-Pro 2023


I have Zwave devices working with the European frequency (868.42 MHz).
I can not connect any of them to my Homey-Pro.
As a test-case, I am using a Fibaro Wall-plug. I installed the Fibaro app, I am adding a device, choosing the Fibaro wall plug, and then I get the first step of the wizard telling me to click the small button on the wall-plug for 3 times.
Once I do it, nothing happens…

I noticed in the developer tools that my Hardware-Region is “AU (US)”. Is it possible that Homey is trying to work on the US-frequency (908.42 MHz) instead of the European frequency (868.42 MHz)? If this is the case, is there any way to change it?

Any assistance would be much appreciated,

What I just have found with Google is that AU is Australia and that is also 868.42MHz.
So I suppose it has to work together.
When you press the button 3 times it has to be realy fast with some devices. Within a second.
And did you try to pair the device realy close to Homey. Some devices use a low power when in pairing mode.

AU isn’t Australia, AZN ANZ is Austalia (and New Zealand)

But it isn’t possible to change the frequency manually with Homey Pro (early 2023), the frequency is based on its (Homey’s) location.
So if you are in the US, then the frequency will be US too.
And indeed, you can’t connect an European device to an US frequency Homey.
Athom might change their mind if you contact them via their support channels, but I kind of doubt it.

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Thank you for the reply.
I have found in my Homey Phone App (More → ZWave) that it says Hardware-Veersion=“United States”. So I am pretty sure this is the problem…
I am easily pairing the Fibaro wall plug with my Fibaro HC3 controller, so there is no issue with the speed of pressing the pairing button.

Any other ideas?

@Caseda Thanks for pointing me out but I think it is ANZ.

what does ‘timezone’ say here, is it correct:

Also when you’re not located in US but in Europe, try to temporary enter a location in an other time zone, and enter your real location after a minute or so.
Sometimes Homey messes your location (and timezone) up.

Woops, my bad, made a typo.

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The timezone on developer-tools is correct.
I entered a location in the US, and then back to Israel. It did not help :frowning:
I also tried to factory-reset the whole thing, and the issue reproduces…

If you are in Israel the z-wave frequency should be 916 MHz.
That is what the page says when you click my link.

And what happens when you pick a country in your Homey what uses the 868.42 MHz frequency and then try to add the device?


You were right, It seems that according to the documentation, Israel uses the same frequency as in the US. This is bad news for me since my entire home has 868 MHz Zwave devices…
Once I changed my location to Paris, everything was resolved.
I guess I will need to keep my Homey location in Paris, so Geofencing feature is out of the question for me :frowning:

I would really like to thank you all for your assistance.