New to HOMEY - MHZ?

Hello all,

I am so happy that I was finally able to get the HOMEY PRO and can not wait to get it going…

Here is my question to anyone which can point me in the right direction.

I am in the U.S., I hate Alexa, Google home etc… Since homey first came out I planned on getting one, now, my question is…

Since I am just now setting up my home automation I can buy all new things from EU and add them to my home, yes it will be custom.

The question is, what is the best solution to change frequency from 908mhz - 864mhz?

sorry, I only speak English as well, lets add another factor into the mix… lol…

thanks all in advance


Are you sure your Homey has the Z-Wave frequency 908MHz? Did you order it for US frequency?

no, I have a EU unit… I do not believe HOMEY makes a devices for the US… What I have found out is that I have to use Zigbee 2.4mhz because that is the only common between the US and EU. THis is fine but I have more questions like…

DO I have to use a EU Smartthings hub from EU? IF so, after setting that up it should be able to talk to all device in house that use Zigbee on 2.4mhz… ----- IN THEORY!!!


Athom does send out different frequenties based on your location (you do have to contact the support your self though, it isn’t offered on their website directly), they offer 4 different z-wave chips (frequetie bands), for US they only don’t have the FCC certification (I believe), but as far as i know that isn’t mandatory, I think that it gives more issues that the frequency is wrong.
Zigbee/wifi/Bluetooth etc doesn’t have this issue, as those aren’t shifted with their frequenties, just z-wave.

If you want to be sure which one you have, you can see your frequentie band in the settings (under z-wave), just don’t change it your self without contacting Athom, as it can (and most likely will) break your z-wave completely.

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be able to talk to all device in house that use Zigbee on 2.4mhz…

The Zigbee devices can be directly connected to Homey, or via a Hub, both are possible.

Answer to the first answer: Don’t change frequency, (or only after advise from Athom as Caseda already mentioned) use equipment with the same frequency as your Homey is, but be aware that some frequencies are not allowed in USA ( so you can not use Z-Wave 868MHz), and Homey does not have the safety marks (FCC) that are demanded in USA (use at own risk).

This forum standard language is English, so no problem there.

Better than ask every detail here is, use the SEARCH function, almost all problems are already mentioned and solved in several topics.