Manual Z-Wave Frequency Selection for Homey 2023

It would be extremely useful for Users in the Eastern Europe and Israel were the official Frequencies are different from EU.
Right now Homey 2023 has automatic Frequency selection based on the Location. In Older Homies you had an option to manually select the Frequency, please bring it back.

Don’t think so, the frequencies are not free to use, they are prescribed per country.

Technically you could change it in the settings from the older Homey Pro’s, but it might break your Z-Wave as the chip actually had to change physically too for correct functioning, the chip and antenna used was only configured for 1 frequency at a time.

They removed it with the newer Homey Pro’s because too many people changed it without knowing what they were changing, and breaking their existing Z-Wave integration with it.
And it might also have been because of the FCC demanding it to get their certification.

Not seeing it come back, but you can try by contact Athom (support) actually, and not the users on this forum.

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I posted this request here as this is a suggestion thread, presuming that Athom will note it some day.

Yes, Z-wave chip can operate at one frequency at a time, but it chooses the range based on Homey location. And this definitely can be overridden by manual selection.

So for now, I have to keep location set in Germany (and I am physically not there) to make my entire EU certified z-wave network up and running.

This “location change” also affects Wi-Fi frequencies country mismatch, as well Presence and Weather data are screwed up

“can”, and “be allowed by the FCC” are 2 entirely different things though.
America and Australia are very, very strict in what frequentie is being used in a device, so there’s just a big chance that the FCC just doesn’t allow Athom to manually set the frequentie, and it only being allowed to do it “automatically”, hence it only being on location.
The old Homey Pro’s didn’t have a FCC certification, so it isn’t limited by that.

But no, Athom only occasionally reads here, and even more occasionally respond here (like twice a year, when necessary).
So it is definitely better to contact the support channel.