Using Homey pro 2023 in Caribbean

Hi. I was wondering if anyone has experience or advice with using zwave system for Homey pro in the the Caribbean.
I understand that that athom sends out devices based on your region. And that when setting up the device the antenna will automatically select the zwave frequency based on the ip address of the internet connection.
Caribbean region, specifically Aruba, is listed as US 916mhz. So the frequency selection should be fine for the US freq devices.
However, would there be any issues with “blocking” of the connection back to Athom cloud servers as the ip address would be shown as outside US territory/region.
I have reached out to Athom support regarding this, but there is currently a 2-3 week delay in answering support questions.
Hoping someone here with some experience of setting up and using a Homey pro in this situation.
Many thanks in advance.

The Z-Wave frequency isn’t based on the IP address, it is based on the location you put your Homey in (location is changeable/selectable in the settings).
And it looks like it will indeed be the US frequency, so only US Z-Wave devices will work with your Homey.

Not sure why you think Athom will block you IP address (which has nothing to do with Z-Wave) for whatever reason.

Hi Caseda.
Thanks so much for the prompt reply. And also your clarification regarding setting the region.
Regarding the IP address “blocking”….I had read that the homey pro automatically selected the zwave antenna frequency based on the internet connection IP address. Not based on the actual region that you select during setup.
So my main concern was that the Ip address May not match the region selected in the setup. Ie: I select US Region but the IP address shows the device being outside of US territory.
Hence there may be issues with communicating back to homey cloud servers.
As I don’t yet have the physical device to test or check available regions during setup I wanted to ask members here with more experience of the setup feature first.
Caseda, do you know if Caribbean region is selectable during setup? Or is it just US Region?
As mentioned, I have contacted Athom support to clarify this for me, but there is a long delay in response time and I felt asking members here might be valuable to get a initial idea of any potential issues.

With Homey Pro (early 2023) you don’t select the z-wave region your self, you even can’t select the region yourself. (only the older Homey Pro’s can do that, but those also only have 1 antenna, not 3 like the new Homey Pro)
As specified before, it is configured based on the location you put your Homey at (also used for presence), during setup, but also changeable in the settings afterwards.
Hence your concerns about IP not being in the US is none existent as that is fully separate from the region used by the Z-Wave chip.
There are only a few (3/4) distinct frequencies for Z-Wave around the world, Caribbean isn’t technically one of them, it just uses 1 of the the frequencies that are there (are allowed to use there), if you want to know more there are thousands of pages on the internet about the z-wave frequenties, Google is your friend so to say.

Hi Caseda.
Great. That was the clarification and answer that I was needing confirmed.
Thanks so much.

Hi Caseda.
I’ve been using zwave for my clients lighting projects for the last 8 years.
Mostly in Australia/NZ and now Chile…where I am currently based. So Zwave frequency’s and hubs on the aus/NZ 931.4mhz have only been used in the past. And those hub options have always been limited.
However, I now have new client/s in Aruba/Curacao requiring larger scale smart integration. So I’m now able to use a more powerful and feature rich hub such as the Homey Pro. Which I haven’t used before.
Hence my reason for wanting to clarify some points that I had some doubts about.
Anyway, super appreciate the feedback and advise.
Forums and real users such as yourself are usually the best source of information.