Buying Homey in USA?

Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I can’t seem to purchase a Homey Pro to be shipped to the US. When I go to select the shipping destination from the shopping cart, the US is not listed. Additionally, I can’t find a retailer or online store in the US from the ‘where to buy’ url:

Nothing shows up on amazon either. So, is the product specifically not available to US purchasers, or am I doing something incorrectly? I’m not using a VPN or other IP masking technology when I go to buy the product, so I’m unclear what the issue may be.

Thanks in advance.

I think this the case. They started in the Netherlands and are expanding to other countries.
The US as I believe also use a different frequency (915MHz) for the z-wave protocol, compared to Europe it’s 868mhz. So Athom need to build a specific US model. On the other hand I do see a shop in Australia and they use the same frequency as the US :thinking:

Better contact Athom for an answer.

Edit: changed zigbee to z-wave @Henk_Renting thx

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Athom has stated that they will roll out to the US in January 2021:


So it may be available through local(-ish) sellers soon.


It’s now February.

Hence the use of the word “soon” instead of “now”.

Just as @rvdeijk and @robertklep say.

Only is @rvdeijk referring to the Z-Wave frequency. Zigbee is the same in all country and operates on 2.4GHz.