Z-Wave Radio frequencies and regions for Homey and Z-Wave devices

I have normal homey, not pro
And f i want to addz wave devices, what frequency i need to buy?

You can find this out in the Z-Wave menu:
More - Settings - Z-Wave - Hardware Region

What is the difference between
Hardware region
Software region?
In the software rehion i can change from Europe to asia,etc…

Sorry, I don’t know.

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Hardware Region are big jumps between frequenty ranges (868mhz for europe, 916mhz for USA as example), these require an entirely different chip.
Software region are small jumps (868-869 for EU options).

Do not change the regions if you don’t know what you are doing, the right one should have been selected by Homey itself during setup, if it isn’t the correct country, you should contact Athom if it is OK to switch.

If you don’t know if the device is the correct frequentie for your country (like from your country anyway), then you are either on a wrong website, or you have the possibility to contact that seller to make sure you’ll get the right one for your country (they will useally offer most frequenties), don’t bother with frequenties, there are too many, just make sure the country is right.

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I think @Caseda 's answer is the best,
Just for the techies: look in the table here:

Normally you will only find the correct devices with local frequencies for your region.
(unless you imported another frequency device from another region, and you then have to import all Z-wave devices!)

Further I want to make the topic title clear so others searching for information will find it.
Changed from:

In which frequency homey support?


Z-Wave Radio frequencies and regions for Homey and Z-Wave devices

Thank you for the information but HOMEY is not made for the US because we have to be so different then the rest of the word… lol… so babd… anyway…

so my goal, is to get it to work, where there is a will, there is a way…

Thank you… Cheers…