Usa Zwave Sensors

Hi, I have about i would say 50 Fibaro Eye Sensor but they all work on the USA Zwave freq which is 916 mhz i think is there a way to connect them to homey?

im in the Eu and all my current zwave sensor work on the EU Freq

I think the only way you can try, is to enter your location as a location somewhere in the U.S.
The z-wave frequency setting depends on your (entered) location (or maybe on your internet address, like with Homey bridge…).

Be aware you use z-wave radio with illegal frequencies in this case.

It’s not possible to use Z-Wave devices with different frequencies (EU + US) at the same time with one Z-Wave controller.

That is correct, Dirk
I ignored

while the TS opened with this 100% opposite statement :grin: