Install Fibaro unit

I’m having trouble finding a built-in unit with a potential-free relay contact comparable to the Homey Bridge.
Have tried with Fibaro unit but have not yet succeeded in installing the unit on the Homey Bridge.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a working device?

Depending on what type of Fibaro you used, If it is the Z-Wave version that should work with Homey Bridge.
The HomeKit version does not.

I triad to used FGS-214 with Z-wave plus. The installation stoped at step 1 and I couldn’t continue to step 2.

Try to include with the Bridge and the Fibaro very close to each other.

You may have to deal with a bug.
Before you can pair a fibaro device, 9 out of ten times you have to restart the fibaro app.

So restart the app > pair device and make sure you are close enough when you pair.
At least, that is what i had to do almost every time.