Homey bridge in combination with Fibaro Motion Sensor

Hi everyone,

I am happy to be one of the beta users of the Homey bridge. Got a few devices already in my Homey environment and now want to add my new Fibaro Motion Sensor. But that is not working for me. Fibaro Motion Sensor does work in the Fibaro app so the device is working. When I want to add the Fibaro Motion Sensor into the Homey hub it says I should follow the instructions. It seems like it is a 2 step proces and step 1 is to open the sensor and push the little button 3 times inside the device. I push it 3 times but nothing happens. I tried it for about an hour but still not getting passed step 1.

So I hope that anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong or what I can do to have the Fibaro Motion Sensor in my Homey Hub.

You write that the Fibaro MotionSensor works in the Fibaro app. This could mean 2 things: You are using a Fibaro Home Center (which I don’t think), or you are using the “Fibaro for HomeKit Devices” and it’s a Fibaro MotionSensor for HomeKit.

So I guess you are using a Fibaro HomeKit MotionSensor, right?

The problem is that 2 different versions of the Fibaro MotionSensor are available:
– Z-Wave (compatible with the Homey Bridge)
– HomeKit (not compatible with the Homey Bridge)


Thank you so much for your explanation and you were so right because I had the HomeKit version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor. I have send it back to Amazon and will wait until I have my money back. So if I am right I need to order the FGMS-001-ZW5 version of the Fibaro Motion Sensor right?

Right! :+1:t4: