I’ve problem with connecting Fibaro z-wave plus to the homey bridge

Could you or anyone solve this problem?
I tried factory resetting but it doesn’t work

[Tip] Problems with Homey?

I think, yes

I think you didn’t understand the hint. Please click on the link, read the topic and then provide more information.

Btw, this is a community forum and your posts, questions and suggestions will not be read by Athom. You can read more about this here Welcome to the forum..

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İnstead of giving solutions you are setting guidelines, I said I’ve problem with connecting my Fibaro motion sensor z-wave plus to homey bridge. I need direct contact or chat to solve this

You’re a funny guy!

  1. You don’t provide necessary information so that we users (!) can possibly help you with the problem. @Dijker has linked you to a post describing what information can be helpful for us to possible help you.
  2. You haven’t understood that this is a user-only forum and that the manufacturer of the Homey Bridge and the Fibaro app is not active in this forum. Even though referred to the “Welcome to the community!” topic describing how to contact Athom support, you come back here 6 weeks later and ask for help.

So can you please tell us how we should help you if you don’t provide any assistance?

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