[Tip] Problems with Homey?

When u have problems with Homey and you are reaching out to the community members here on the forums it’s important to give as much info as u can.

First of All: New Homey Family members 09-2021 and 01-2023

Since September 2021 there are new Family members:
Homey (Service / Premium),
and the first “old” Homey is rebranded as Homey Pro (early 201x)
Since Januari 2023:
Homey Pro Early 2023 is getting delivered to the early adopters.

And while using Homey with or without a Homey Bridge on many aspects CAN be the same as the Homey Pro, they differ in capabilities and available Apps (even some Flow Options).
Some things are just different or maybe even impossible!

An overview:

So pls be clear when you ask something, but ABSOLUTELY when you report Problems, or ask about anything!
Try to mention/answer all applicable bullets below!

  • It is useless to ask here, or at Athom, IF and/or WHEN a Homey Pro app will be compatible for Homey cloud or cloud/bridge;
    Members here don’t know , and Athom never communicates future releases.

Else, just continue reading pls.

  • 1. What Homey do you have, or is your Question about?
    As in the Tiles above:
    A. Homey (Cloud) - (So without the Bridge or about Cloud connected Devices)
    B. Homey Bridge - (The physical device) and/or:
    C. Homey & Homey Bridge (the combination of)
    D. Homey Pro - (Running Homey Local, including older Homey’s (all white balls)
    E. Homey Pro (Early 2023) - (New Model 2023 Homey Pro, Running Homey Local)

  • 2. For Homey Pro only - firmware (fw) version.
    Plz don’t say “latest version”, because we have stable and rc versions.
    Also, the time between posting and reading can give different fw versions. So plz give the fw version complete.
    U can find this in the mobile app at More> Settings> General.

  • 3. Problems with an app.
    When u have problems with an app, plz tell us which app u are using, and the version of that app.
    U can find the version in the mobile app at More> Apps> select the app. Version number is on top, just under the logo.
    Also mention if it’s about test/experimental versions.

  • 4. Problems with a flow.
    When u have problems with a flow then plz share the flow(s). There would be a lot of guessing when u don’t share the flows involved.
    Saying “I just do this and that” would not help in getting ur problems solved. U can share the flow(s) in the mobile app by opening ur flow, and click the share sign at the top right.
    Copy the link and paste it in your forum post.

  • 5. Problems with a device.
    When u have problems with a device, plz give as much info on the device as u can.
    Something like make and model, but also a weblink to the device is very helpful.

  • 6. What have you already tried yourself?
    Also describe as clearly as possible (step-by-step plan) what you have already tried to solve the problem.

  • 7. And last but not least, search.
    Try to use the search function. There is a search function on the forums, there u can find a lot of info. Am not saying the function is perfect, but when using the correct search words u can find a lot.

  • Athom support
    When you think Athom only can / should solve your issue(s), or you want to request support, you can create a support call.

When asking for help and telling u don’t wanna use the search function because ur too lazy, it won’t help u in the amount of reactions!
A lot of peeps is willing to help u, help them by providing as much info as u can! :wink:

Known issue’s

  • General Stability due to USB Power Supply
    Probably the second weakest link of Homey Pro is the USB Power supply delivered with the Homey. Although the relative number of issues could be low, many users have reported Homey restarting many times an hour and giving crinkling noises after months or years working fine. It could start with only restarting once a day. In all Cases that Homey does not keep running: Please lookup another USB Adapter with 5 Volt and at least 2 A (2000 mA), Homey doesn’t use 2000mA but the higher rated USB adapters are usually more stable. In case of doubt regarding inexplicable stability problems, often with unpredicted restarts, please replace the USB Adapter. If the original Adapter is defect create a support ticked at Athom.
    (No reason for using the Fast Charge, Quick Charge or Qi as Homey doesn’t use these provide power options)

Note: Older posts (before September 2021) referring to Homey or Homey vs Homey Pro are ALL about the Homey Pro! (some say: The White Ball, der Kugel :wink: )

Thanks, and enjoy your Homey.

(btw, this is a WIKI post. Everyone (with the correct authorizations) can edit this post and add points if u like!)


Great post! I hope people will do this minimal effort and help the helpers help :slight_smile:

I had problem after a restart that I couldn’t connect to my homey outside my local network. The app said it was connected to the cloud, but homey only worked locally. When I then tried to recover my homey by turning it upside down, the homey went onto a boot loop. It all boild down to a weak power supply/ cord.