Somfy « kit de connectivité » (new device)

That he sometimes is friendly enough to answer is other threads…

If you want support from the community, and or a Community developer spending his free time helping others, please be cooperative in providing enough information in the correct places:

beside Github community support is here: [APP][Cloud & Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v4.0.37, test v4.0.70)

Please read [Tip] Problems with Homey?

Provide the developer on Github or his Community thread with the requested information:
Homey Model, Homey Version, App Version, Somfy Device Models

and fe if you were able to pair the RTS device with your connectivity box, (Not all Somfy/Tahoma Devices support RTS if I am correct)

Probably with providing enough info for the developer is able to tell if it is a bug in his app, something new he didn’t implement and if he will try to implement or it is maybe impossible.

Guess the developer already stated where to contact him:

That keeps information about an Homey App central.

If you want you can use Somfy RTS App for Homey | Homey as an alternative, but it doesn’t use your connectivity box but uses the Homey Internal RF antenna… Just what you want, if it works better choose what you want.

in my opinion the topic of the thread is > Somfy « kit de connectivité » (new device)
The topic starter asking some questions about experience.