Somfy Tahoma Switch (new device)

Hi there,

I just bought the new Somfy Tahoma Switch. That is the successor of the Somfy Connexioon (that also is currently not available according tot Somfy…). On of the advantages of this device is the combination op IO en RTS in one device!.

Does anybody had any experience with this new device and does the Somfy App support this device?

Thanx in advance for your help!!!

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I have not had any experience with the Switch so I can’t say if it will work with my app or not.
When you get yours you will hopefully tell us how it goes :wink:

Hi Adrian,

Thanx for you response!

When i receive the Switch i wil test it and let you know.

Best regards


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Hey, I just got the device! But when I want to login at, it gives a error that the account does not exist.
I’ve set up my devices in the app, and created an account.
Maybe it’s too new, so a bug that I can’t login?
Or is this version not supported by the webpage (and so the Homey app) anymore?
I can test some things if needed!

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Hi, is there any progress.

I’m in the market for a Somfy switch as well, any update on if this works?

I can confirm that the Somfy Tahoma app now works with the Tahoma Switch.
A few days after the release I was able to login at, and the app also worked after that!
It responds very quickly!



Hi there. I have got a tahoma switch and have been able to set itup to control Velux Windows via IO but have had no sucess connecing to blinds via RTS. when i try to connect after pressing the program button on the base unit it just says searching and never finds anything. has anyone had any sucess ? i have logged a case with somfy but they have not responded

How did you manage to connect the tahoma switch with velux? What type of remote
Do you use to control the velux(without the tahoma switch). Thanx!

not sure what model but picture below. was very simple just opened the app. followed the instructions and pressed the button in the battery compartment when told.

I don’t have the Switch but on the old Tahoma you had to initiate adding RTS devices from the tahoma app. It would then tell you to press the programming button on the the remote to but the device into listening mode after which you selected next in the Tahoma app and it would send a command to the device to include that controller.

RTS only has one way communications so it won’t be sending anything for the Switch to detect so the Switch has to send a command to the device. But the device will only include a controller when it is in programming mode.

thanks for the reply. has given me more understanding of what should be happening.

pressing the program button on the remote or base unit puts it into learning mode (jogs the blind to show is in learn mode). the switch should send a message saying i am a new remote and the blind should move again and all is good.

from the screens in the app it does not apear this is the process that is being done. the app seems to be waiting for a response which it will never get.

I will keep pestering somfy for an answer

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On the basis of the above I have had another play with this and got it to work. not sure what the important step was but I did the following.

  1. updated the app. new version about 10 days old
  2. when it asked to scan the bar code on the remote i didn’t do that. just said it was missing. you could then tell it manually that it was an rts device. the programming then went as expected

I created an account just so i can say thank you! I have been trying for hours to pair my blinds with the tahoma switch and it was your suggestion that works. Specifically the second step.

Hey! Could anyone else confirm that the TaHoma Switch (Somfy TaHoma Switch) works witch the app of (@Adrian_Rockall )?

I ask because i read here ( that you can’t log in at “tahoma link” and for me that is true.

But when i enter the log in dates in the app of @Adrian_Rockall in homey it says “successfully logged in”.

(The problem is i cant test the intergration of any devices via homey because my roller shutters will be delivered in June. Also it is not possible to add the Switch in Homey as a device or is it? Would it be possible to add it @Adrian_Rockall?)

Thanks and have a nice evening.

Other users of the Switch have been successful so as far as I know it does work.
I’m not sure if the actual Switch itself has anything that can be controlled as a device in Homey. Basically, it controls the devices that you add to Homey.

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Hey @Adrian_Rockall
Thank you for an excellent app, it just worked to get my new blinds with Tahoma switch into homey.

One thing that I am missing, is that the app does not have the equivalent of triggering the “my” flow, ie the specific position that the remote has been programmed to have as the favourite position. While I can choose the % value from it, it would have been nice to just have a flow card for this position. In the status cards you have up, down and inactive. What does inactive do? Cause comparing with the control I have, the “my” button is in between up and down.

This should be in the new test version. If it is still missing then can you send me the device log as shown in [APP][Pro] Somfy Tahoma & Connexoon (v3.0.30, test v3.0.33) and let me know the name of the device.

These options come from a Homey standard window cover capability. The ‘inactive’ option is basically a stop function.

And that is probably the same as the “my” function, isn’t it?