Velux Control?


Does anyone know if it’s possible to control Velux Integra roof windows with Homey? I have the Velux Active gateway which I believe is a Netatmo device. I dont see any info on getting this to work.

I do see info about going the Somfy route but I don’t have a Somfy Tahoma device. To be honest, the reason I found Homey in the first place is that I spotted it could control my Somfy blinds without the Tahoma. Made more sense to buy Homey instead!


maybe this the way to search for an answer?

I have searched for an answer, thats how I came across the info about using Somfy as the gateway. Wanted to see if anyone had the Velux Active gateway from Netatmo working.


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Right now Im also using the Connexoon box from Somfy, but would prefer to use the Velux App Control gateway instead as it offers more options. Maybe one day someone will develop a plugin or Athom will?

Sold it and went for the Somfy Switch which works fine with Homey :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please, it could be great to add VELUX windows to the Netatmo app that is already in Homey.


If you are reading this thread still, could you give some info on what was needed in order to get Velux windows working in Homey?
It sounded like you got it working via something called ‘Somfy Switch’, and then probably a homey app called ?
Anything else needed?


I simply used the Somfy Tahoma switch, connected velux to there and then added the Somfy Tahoma box in Homey.