Velux Blinds 868 / io home control

Hi all
I have installed some Velux sola powered blinds. They operate with a remote control. Photo attached. They go up or down or stop and operate on 868 MHz.
Can I control these with the Homey? My novice thought is that the Homey should be able to take the role of the remote control and send the signal.
Is there a way to do this?
I have already seen that Homey will interact with the Tahoma app but the impression I get there is that I would need a tahoma device to do this.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

The Somfy app says it supports:

  • Velux IO roof windows
  • Velux IO blinds
  • Velux IO roller shutters

Thank you. Will try that. I’m assuming I start the pairing process on the blind and see if the Homey picks it up? Or is the process to pair the blind with the remote again and see if the homey picks it up?
Thanks very much

So checking the Somfy TaHoma app it wants an account which suggests to me a tahoma controller or device.
Am I missing something? It looks to me like the Homey can’t do it just with its own radios?

I’m wondering if there is a way to add a generic blind device that just sends up / down / stop from the Homey?

No, that’s not possible…

Thanks for the reply, so just to be 100%, no way to operate my Velux blinds without a 3rd party controller?
I actually emailed Athom support about this before buying but got no response.

Well, you could create an app yourself or ask Athom to do this:

LOL :slight_smile: … thanks for the suggestion but I wouldn’t know where to begin with creating an app for home automation.
Unfortunately don’t have time to wait to see if one will be created before I am no longer able to return the product.
Have to send it back now I think as I have also lost ability to control my Louvolite blinds since buying this. My Vera controlled them through an RTS device app and with a 433 Mhz transceiver. I assumed it would be a given with this device but they don’t work either. :frowning:

100% unless you crack the code.
Is a discussion from before Homey was released

Thanks for the information. So what do people recommend to send a signal to the velux? Is TaHoma the only option? The reason for buying the Homey is to not buy a controller for every device. If I can buy one that can do this and some more though it might soften the blow a little.
I have read through the post you shared and mine are solar powered so the Fibaro isn’t an option for me.

I use the Tahoma bridge and I’m satisfied with it. I must admit I had that before Homey.
Homey’s Tahoma app works well but if you do choose this route make sure it supports your screen.
The dev was very quick to add the sunis iO for me but as he does it as a hobby it will depend on other commitments if you need it to be added.

Thanks for that. I’m going to leave the velux ones for a bit. They aren’t as important as the others on the doors :slight_smile:


I have done this. And it works now white fibaro


Thanks for sharing this. I’m guessing this is for the mains powered Velux and not the solar powered ones?

You can do this on every remote. You just need to find up and down and ground on the board.

Ah ok. That sounds good! How do you power the fibaro though? Will it drain the batteries really quick?

The fibaro is on 240v you only youse the relais function