Where do I get tahoma/connexoom credentials?

I have some Velux blinds which were bought and fitted by the builder some time ago. I have just got around to automating them and find that the app requires login credentials. There is zero chance of the builder having any records, so where do I go to get the information? Iโ€™m guessing that the information was in the box which went in a skip months ago :frowning:

Am I being dim here? I assumed that I could pair my velux IO blinds directly with Homey. Now I am wondering if they need to have a Netatmo or Connexoom involved somewhere in the mix?

Homey canโ€™t control Io devices directly as it is a licensed protocol.
So you will need either a Connexoon, Tahoma or Switch to go between Homey and the blinds.

Homey is able to connect directly to Somfy RTS devices so maybe that is where it has got confusing.

Aha, now I understand. I was expecting it all to be like RTS. Thank you

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