Velux windows and blinds

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bought the new Homey Pro a few days ago. I’m really impressed with this device so far. Now I’m looking for apps to connect my devices together. Currently I am looking for an app for Velux windows as well as blinds. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Dear Glenn,

Thanx for fast reply.

I saw this App but it‘s always asking for Somfy account which I don‘t have.



You need not only a Somfy account, you also need a Somfy gateway:

The app requires one of the Somfy gateways, TaHoma, Connexoon, Switch or Connectivity kit.

(Quote from the App Store)

I assume that this app is currently the only way to control your Velux devices with Homey.
If you have further questions about the app and your Velux devices, then I recommend you to use the related topic:

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Dear Dirk,

Thanx for your clear answer.

Ok, got it. I thought Homey Pro will be the Gateway. If I need another Gateway, it makes not really sense to me.

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Unfortunately, it has been decided by tahoma/velux to make it’s communication proprietary/closed. This is not something that can be solved by another company (athom, home assistant,… ) AFAIK.

Fortunately, there are 2 options which are not very expensive. You can choose for:

  • somfy Tahoma switch: I recently purchased one for 160 euros. This gateway allows for local communication without cloud
  • somfy connectivity set: can be found for 70 euros, but does not allow for local communication. An internet connection is required for every command
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Hi Dirk.
Not sure if you or anyone else knows, but do you know if you can use a Velux window with somfy connectivity kit, without also having the velux active box?
My guess is yes, but cant find it for sure.
Thanks in advance

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Martin Kristensen

Hi Martin,

sorry, but I don’t know. I have neither Somfy nor Velux devices in use.
But maybe someone else can answer the question, or you can ask the question in the Homey Somfy App Topic, as linked in my first post.