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Velux Windows or similar?

We’re planning an extension which will have a few velux windows.

They do seem to do smart windows, but as far as I can tell these are currently homekit only, and therefore doubt that Homey can control?

Are there any alternatives I should look at that can be controlled?

Don’t have it myself but a quick appstore search brought me https://apps.athom.com/app/com.somfy.tahoma maybe this could help?

Thanks - I totally missed that.

Would love to know if anyone has experience of this and what products are needed to make it work!

Products are mentioned under supported devices in the app store link. Somfy makes all kind of normally hand driven devices automated likes venitian blinds and shutters. Protocols are also mentioned. All are IO

I have Velux and use Velux Active to open and close them based on the temp, etc. Or via App. Unfortunately the IO standard is not open and I can not control them via Homey. But this solution is working for me.

I do not know if Velux Active has an open API which would open possibillities to build an homey app. I would love to get the data from the rain sensor :wink:

Thanks @Berni

So reading that it seems that despite then saying they play nice with somfy they don’t naturally?
Or are there two different things at play

I looked at that site linked above and it doesn’t make it clear exactly what products would need buying

Why not using i.e. Velux Integra or so with electric control and add a Z-Wave roller shutter like that one from Fibaro, the Fibaro Roller Shutter
That should be then possible to control with Homey.
But that‘s just an idea.