Somfy IO always requires Tahoma or Connexxoon

Yesterday I received my Homey Pro. I already had the Bridge but couldn’t manage my window screens (Somfy IO) and because of the text on the Homey website (see below) I ordered this one.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to manage this with the Pro either. The app available for Somfy products still requires the Tahoma or Connexxoon. Without any of these you are only able to work with RTS devices (but that was already possible with the Bridge too).

Honestly I find it a bit misleading.

Is there an other (community) app or solution to control my Somfy IO window screens without having to buy any additional Somfy products?

Dim the lights, close the blinds and watch your favorite TV series. With Homey and Somfy you remotely control your motorized blinds or shades ánd connect them with your other devices at home.

Somfy is a motorized motor specialist, allowing you to choose from hundreds of designs, sized and materials from a large range of suppliers it has partnered with. As soon as your shades are added to Homey, you easily combine them with brands like Philips Hue, Innr, IKEA Trådfri or Fibaro. Because Homey makes use of 7 wireless technologies, you won’t necessarily need a Somfy Tahoma Box to connect all your devices at home.

AFAIK: no.

The advertorial you link to doesn’t necessarily state that they mean that only RTS devices are supported without a bridge, but on the other hand, you could have just looked at which apps are available for Somfy: one is called “Somfy RTS” and the other one is called “Somfy TaHoma & Connexoon”. Those names are quite self-explanatory.


No shit that there are other ways to find more info. There always is. Thanks for not helping.

The point is that they only support Somfy RTS without additional hardware. I was aware of both apps but not of the necessary additional hardware while being a device that handles pretty much every protocol.

I answered your question, it’s not my fault it’s not the answer you were hoping for.


If you can get Somfy so far to release their encryption used for their other line(s), then it might be possible to control for example the IO line.
But I highly doubt that, as that would cost them 400+ euros for every customer, kind of shooting themselves in the foot.

Though I believe IO is using 868MHz so that will never be possible (if Somfy ever releases their encryption) for Homey Pro (early 2023) as it has no 868MHz antenna.

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But I agree with you that there should be more clear labeling.


You can probably use the Somfy Connectivity Kit as well, which is a lot cheaper than a Tahoma or Connexxoon.

and/or search for “ Connectivity Kit in either that topic or this community (-wide).

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I had the RTS screens already working with the bridge but thought the Pro would be enough to manage the IO screens as well.

Anyways, I’ll buy the Somfy unit. I just wanted to warn any other avarage user that believes what the manufacturer writes on their website.

Stupid me.

Please tune a bit down here? This is a community forum, and we just try to help eachother out :hugs:

I do agree an app store description should mention clearly one needs extra hardware for it to work with Homey, even when the app name mentions the hardware brands.

Give me one honest ad.


Well I have both the Tahoma box, and homey. But when looking in homey, only my shades which is RTS is showing up. Not my IO devices like velux windows… Does anyone knows how to get them to show up???

Hi Jens, welcome,

You’d best ask in the dedicated Somfy topic, where the app developer also reads along:

I ordered the somfy connectivity kit to control my window blinds.
Now I just found out that the connectivity set only works via API, so no local control and only through the cloud.
Does the Tahoma or connexxoon have local access?

I really prefer local access because when the internet is down and a sudden wind storm comes up I still want my sun shades to go up before they get damaged.

Doesn’t look like it does, the HA integration also uses cloud.

I guess Somfy isn’t the right brand for you then.

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Hmmm :thinking: :wink:
It does, Robert, according to Adrian, for devices which support it:

The Somfy Connectivity Kit indeed is cloud only.

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Tahoma and Connexoon both have local access, apart from the authentication to get a token.
The local access update rate is 5 seconds, compared to 30 seconds for the cloud.