My Somfy blinds does not work with Homey

Hi. I have Homey and trying to control my Somfy blinds, but it doesnt work.
I have installed the Tahoma Connexoon app on Homey.
I have paired the Homey with the Somfy remote, the blinds gave the short reaction to confirm the connection.
But, when i try to operate the blinds using homey nothing works, no reaction.
Any idea what is wrong?
Do I need to install a bridge or wireless connection between the Somfy and Homey?
Beat regards,

Hej Knut,

Somfy RTS should work without extra hardware;
Somfy io needs a Tahoma/Connexoon hub, or the ‘low’ priced Somfy connectivity kit

For additional info, goto Somfy Tahoma Connexoon topic:

Thank you.
I have ordered the hub now :slightly_smiling_face:

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