Somfy Connexoon OR Tahoma, same functionatities on Homey?

Dear all,

At the moment I am about to buy a Homey, but I am not completely sure of 1 thing.

Very soon I will receive some screens with Somfy IO motors and some Somfy Tilt Only RTS for my existing blinds.

Now I have found (through this beautiful forum) that I can connect directly to the Homey for the RTS engines, without the intervention of the Somfy bridge, Connexoon or Tahoma.
My screens with IO motors do require the intervention of a Somfy bridge to connect to the Homey. So I have to buy the Homey and a Connexoon OR Tahoma box from Somfy.

My question is rather simple: If I choose a Connexoon and use it to connect to the Homey, will I have the same functionalities on the Homey as I would have with a Tahoma connected to the Homey?
The Homey app will of course become my primary app to control everything Smart in the house.

There is still a reasonable price difference between the Connexoon and the Tahoma, while for me they really only have to serve as a bridge between the Somfy engines and the Homey.
My preference is therefore to purchase a Connexoon and the Homey, instead of the Tahoma and the Homey.

I hope to have described my question as clearly as possible, otherwise let us know of course.

If there are any further tips, always welcome. Am quite new regarding Homey. : slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

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I cannot answer about connexoon so have to let that for my fellow forum members. I own the Tahoma. At this moment the Tahoma app from Homey does not work. This has happened about 3-4 times the past few years, but it does not function this time for 2 weeks and I don’t know if it will function again. Therefore I have to use IFTTT with Homey. This way i have the option to use the scenes i made in the Tahoma box. So i can’t operate the screens manually in the Homey app but can use the scenes from the Tahoma Box. This means i can make favorite flows which you can operate instantly in the Homey app and can make a virtual device that uses a scene from the Tahoma app. With the virtual device you can operate the screens but the disadvantage is you are only able to operate a scene and cannot use a slide to to set your screen at for instance 62%.

Working with Homeys IFTTT means it will take longer as working directly with Homey’s Tahoma app. Each command will take 3-4 sec extra.

Is it a problem for me. No. I use a 8 button switch to control my screen. I have three buttons with three scenarios. Button 1 screen open 33%, button 2 screen open 66%, button 3 screen open 100%, dubbel click button 1-3 close screen. For me IFTTT is no problem because i don’t operate my devices with the Homey app but operate the screens with switches.

But it is a limitation at the moment and a solution for the problem seems to take some time.

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Well thnx for responding! :smile:

That’s kind of a bummer that I can’t control the Somfy engines through the Homey app. That’s one of the reasons for buying a Homey. Is this temporary?

The settings you mention about makes scenes etc., seems to be a functionality that’s only possible on the Tahoma.
On the Connexoon it’s only “open”, “close” or “My” favorite position (i think).

I am hoping that the Homey would give me extra functionalities, since it would become my primary “smart” app.

So the thing you’re saying right now is, if i can’t make scenes in the Connexoon, i probally can’t operate my Somfy IO through out the Homey app?

The earlier question also still stands for our fellow members. :wink:

I assume these options will be available as i have not seen any complaints about this on the forum

Homey will give you a lot off extra possibilities. Things you even can’t think off at this moment.

The only thing with Homey is to check for compatible devices. If there is an app you almost always can handle your device, if there isn’t an app you get basic controls at maximum.

Thanks, i really appreciate you response! @Marcel_Ubels

Now all i want to know is, is there any difference in functionalities on my Homey, with the Connexoon or Tahoma, as it will only serve as a bridge from Somfy IO to Homey. :smiley:

I’m not sure why your Tahoma is not working with Homey as mine is working OK. I did have a temporary outage a while back but that was only for about half a day.

Did try it for 2 weeks almost every 2-3 days and everytime got a responds that the credentials were expired. Did try it again and yeah now its working again👍

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That’s good to hear! Thanks for the extra input @Adrian_Rockall

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There is an alternative: a device that translates IO to Zwave. As you need one device per blind, it will be much more expensive than a Somfy box. You also need a zwave device to talk to Homey and send the commands to the blind.

@MoPepettes Thank for the respond!

I know I definitily need a box for the IO motors and that isn’t the problem. The only (Somfy) choices I have are Connexoon or Tahoma. The price is somewhat €100,- difference and I will need to buy the Homey offcourse.

But do I have the same functionallities in Homey when using the Connexoon OR Tahoma? If i do have the same, then the choice is easy and it will be the Connexoon. Purely based on price.

I have Connexoon. Works with Homey, controls my Velux windows and Velux sunscreen. Open, close and ‘move to a %’.

I have the io remotes too. So, both Homey and the included remotes work.

Thanks!! @Eternity

Sound to me that it doesn’t matter if I buy a Connexoon or Tahoma to connect to the Homey right? No loss on functionalities with the Connexoon.

Can you confirm you have the same options (as mentioned by @Eternity) @Marcel_Ubels with your Homey connected through Tahoma?

If so, this topic could be ready to be closed! :slight_smile:

I have just ordered my connexoon.
Therefor, I will be able to confirm hopefully somewhere next week…

Hi, I am using Tahoma. This is bit more general post from almost 1,5Y experience since I am using Homey. I gave up adding all my devices directly to Homey. It has its hardware limited capcity (RAM and processor) and in order to use all its capabilities its much more convenient to dislocate the devices outside as much as possible. I use Hue bridge for lights, Tahoma for blinds and Xiaomi for sensors. This leaves me some room to implement maximum of app capabilities into Homey. Look at Homey more as general integrator with extended abilities to rule your existing devices than as a single gateway device. This way one get most of what Homey offers. It also give s you alternative to use your devices while you Homey get in problems.

That would be great! @Jan_Peeters I’m looking forward to it.

Since the Homey will be my main device, it would’nt matter to me if I got the Connexoon or Tahoma, expect if there is loss in functionality.

Let me know. :smiley:

Thanks for the tip! @Daniel_S

Your post makes me going to use the Bridges I allready have too! Is there a different way of pairing to the Homey, then connecting them to the Homey directly? And also with the sames functions after connecting through the bridge?

Joey, as I said this was general post, it depends on the apps written for each brand or devices. For example Philips Hue is both apps available, they basically give the similar functionalities. For Somfy IO is only app via Tahoma bridge. I dont know about RTS but this protocol is obsolete and I would go for IO Tahoma definetely.

Yes thanks!

But I’m quite new to Homey, so therefore I’m asking a lot. :slight_smile:

So if i understand correctly; For example, there are 2 apps available if you want to connect Phillips Hue. 1 for connecting with the Philips Hue Bridge and 1 for connecting without the Philips Hue Bridge?

Yes exactly, just search the App store and you find all you need and than see.

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