Somfy Connexoon OR Tahoma, same functionatities on Homey?

I cannot answer about connexoon so have to let that for my fellow forum members. I own the Tahoma. At this moment the Tahoma app from Homey does not work. This has happened about 3-4 times the past few years, but it does not function this time for 2 weeks and I don’t know if it will function again. Therefore I have to use IFTTT with Homey. This way i have the option to use the scenes i made in the Tahoma box. So i can’t operate the screens manually in the Homey app but can use the scenes from the Tahoma Box. This means i can make favorite flows which you can operate instantly in the Homey app and can make a virtual device that uses a scene from the Tahoma app. With the virtual device you can operate the screens but the disadvantage is you are only able to operate a scene and cannot use a slide to to set your screen at for instance 62%.

Working with Homeys IFTTT means it will take longer as working directly with Homey’s Tahoma app. Each command will take 3-4 sec extra.

Is it a problem for me. No. I use a 8 button switch to control my screen. I have three buttons with three scenarios. Button 1 screen open 33%, button 2 screen open 66%, button 3 screen open 100%, dubbel click button 1-3 close screen. For me IFTTT is no problem because i don’t operate my devices with the Homey app but operate the screens with switches.

But it is a limitation at the moment and a solution for the problem seems to take some time.

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