Somfy Connexoon or Tahoma?

Hi there!

During next week I will get my new outdoor sunscreens installed. They will mount Somfy motors with IO technology. The final result will be an horizontal awning over a wooden gazebo plus two vertical drop-awnings in its front. I would like to manage the vertical screens as open or closed, but also as “open %…”, to stop them for example halfway. For the horizontal awning will be enough the “fully open” or “fully closed”.

Which device do you suggest to integrate them in my system? Tahoma or Connexoon? Consider that I would like to use my Netatmo wind gauge and rain gauge for closing the awnings in case of need. I didn’t get completely the difference between the two gateways…

Thanks in advance!

Tahoma can do both IO and RTS but Connexoon can only do one or the other so you decide when you purchase.
Connexoon is cheaper, so if you know that you will never need RTS or are willing to gamble that Homey can control RTS directly then that is probably the best choice.

I have not used Connexoon so i can’t comment on the usability compared to Tahoma.

However, my app supports both so you will be able to control your screens with Homey regardless of which you choose.

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Thank you Adrian, got it perfectly.
Effectively Tahoma costs almost the double if compared to Connexoon and I don’t plant to add RTS devices…moreover if Homey can handle RTS, I already have the answer :smiley:

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